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Automation!! My old persistant love! Part-I

Necessity is the mother of invention..Old saying – one more proof

So, winters are approaching and I was studying out one of the greatest creations of Walter Isaacson for Jobs.  Ahha, I have completed it more than half!! \m/

My room is situated at the upper corner of our house.  So, its pretty isolated and best suitable for any experimentations, work and Yes, watching movies and the blue stuff too.. 😉   I know that I am a big LAZY guy, I dont get up to switch on the fan if I feel like hot from my Magical Chair at PC or If I am on bed using my laptop then there is no chance for me to get up easily and I remember in every winters I spend whole days without moving from bed…

Similar is the situation when I was reading the book, and felt cold today  so thought of switching the fan off, but being lazy I didn’t.  Lights and fan were on and I was thinking the way out to switch them off!!! Obviously without moving an inch!!

I decided not to switch off them and sleep as it is.  But cold is something than can make you feel heavily uncomfortable and can turn your AALAS/lazyness disappear.    At about I quit, and actually have to stood up but not for turning them on, rather for making a quick and rapid solution for this on/off condition..
All time I am using my Android Mobile fone or my PC and sometimes my Laptop too.  My pc has got only Fedora installed over 250gb space which is now almost full.  😦  And in my laptop, I am having original genuine windows! (woahhh! I still have to rely on windows (sometimes) for the official documents because of the misalignment and other problems associated with the people and officials via openoffice or libreoffice.

So, I decided to simply control these lights and fans using these *objects*

pinouts from intel motherboard docs

In my PC, my serial port is all time busy, with my Single board computers, or GPS or GSM modem etc.  So I cann’t use the serial port.  Rest things were USB and the parallel port.  But guess what, My motherboard Intel GV41 doesn’t got a parallel or serial port 😦 .  I use a PCI card for two serial ports.  But yes, one thing to mention, these boards like that of Intels’ have got no connector for serial and parallel but they have got an onboard pins for those.  So one just have to got the motherboard related documents from the official site.

Looking at the pinouts, one can easily deduce out the required data pins.  I simply wired the pins to a relay board (our own product)of ours at ATRIM,    and did a little tweaking in the electricity board of my room and yes, the hardware part was over!! Read the rest of this entry