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My interview at Xy!!

So, this was my third interview and first as official one for real job.  Past two interview were for teaching at Embedded Systems Institutes in my 2nd year.  The interview was for some company Xy for a job designated as System Administrator.  So I guessed all the linux work and Operating systems thing.   I happily and readily applied for the job at once.
I won’t be elaborating the company name here as will only say Xy. (thats in rhyme though)  Read the rest of this entry


Robotic Arm from junkyard!

All the blog data for some of the posts have been moved to my other site.  Will continue here after their backup 🙂

First Post!! days after…

Arghh!! So, I started it again…..BLOGGING… guess, its almost after 3 years…
One thing for sure My English and my writing skills has definitely become BAD…lolz

So this time,, I have come up with  Blogging with my Embedded Linux part and a bit of Myself too..

Hope you people like this…


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!