I think…oh yes, I think…

This thing really strikes me when I hear people saying  “obviously, i cant stop people to write any thing  at their blogs. Because it’s their will, their blog space, they are free to express whatever  they feel like. It’s a different case that many times,  they write partially or fully incorrect”.  And this is exactly what I am gonna do here.  🙂

 Yeah, I usually think  (oh mannn!!!! reallly??…) that  contemplating too much about life gets unworthy sometimes. Most of the times, having thoughts like “Should I do it or not ” don’t really work out  because I doesnt get to a single conclusion easily.

Most of the times, when we actually think over something, it turns out that the we think about really few things that matter only to us bcz. at the core we all act selfish.  but let me ask you when you actually introspected or should I say- retrospected?
Talking of myself, I never ponder till I am FED BACK something negative, because till the time everything is going glib and I keep getting what I want, I really don’t get time to come out of the pleasure and to think upon. Huhh,,

Looking around, One can find two extreme cases: a person maybe a hardcore passionate or one maybe complete void . Latter kind of people are the ones who don’t undertake much thought process, just another normal being moving because of inertia of  his/her surroundings just like a log floats in river which does end up somewhere which is totally  indeterminate where it  may end up because not only flow of river determines its destination but the other obstacles and FACTORS matter too.

1.The people whom I would consider as really passionate ones  don’t get into the daily life “BHASADs  i.e. short term materialistic achievements and falling into superficial relationships, actually they never get time. All relations and bonds seem like second priority when we are at our peak passion, I would like to bid a salute to   such people, because frankly I am miles away from such personalities.

2.Those who don’t really introspect much are the ones who actually gets completely dissolved in LIFE, living for nothing, all they have to do is to complete the chores concerning their basic necessities.

3. Remaining are the ones who are in amid i.e. they are partly soluble in the chemistry of Life wishing they could have been the typical immiscible ones , some try very hard, and others dont  even try and some oscillate in between.

Actually majority of the people I know of are of third kind mostly who are struggling to be in category but somehow they haven’t. Moreover,  It isn’t that easy to be done in one go.

Referring to Mr. Steve Jobs’s “connecting the DOTS” in one’s life, it let me to think “are there any dots that I would connect in my life?” Obviously yes, there are many but where are they? yeah, the BREAKPOINTS in the execution of my life program being executed in the Matrix of life.  Actually when I think about my life I am in Debugging mode but my debugger(I am not going to talk about GDB here.. lolz) i.e. my mind perhaps doesnt give full control to the program because the debugger itself is dynamically programmed, Ughh,, no fine control over the thought process.
I will blame the source code writer of this debugger, Unfortunately I am the only developer for it…
(I say dynamically programmed because what I feel is your PRIORITIES, LIKES, DISLIKES, DESIRES may get change with the time).

I am not Big enough to say for all the possible things, but this is a  fact that I feel that I have always tried to experience all the possible things and those which are not possible I try to feel by being with the people in my habitat.  I dare not to disclose them…lolz..

I do know quite a few people, ambitious enough, passionate enough and I feel good and inspiring-some thinking about them.
Since everyone starts life as a child only, one learns from what is seen and observed  or what is being shown or made to observe to him/her and that’s how the mind evolve from an empty sketch to a lengthy and complex program.

MAY BE, Its not about being confused or being ambivalent because its what I have been and I have an insane Idea to tackle it.(I do select any thing which my mind says randomly and stick to it, never cared for it to be wrong or right, WILL SEE WHATSOEVER HAPPEN is my motto) rather its about acting sane and selecting the right things before you act but I guess I dont know this ART.  I have always believed to do the things right or wrong because if its right then its awesome! and if not then ?????
does the life gives a dialog box asking “U LOOOSE!! CONTINUE ???? 10..9..8.7………3…2..1..” 🙂
(I am a Tekken fan…DATTEBAYO!!)..

For each and everything you do, there are Pros and Cons, advantages n disavantages, good and the bad, and its all about the selection (lolz, it makes me remind of the TWO ROADS DIVERGE IN THE YELLOW WOODS)
Its hard to stick to one opinion because one belief has an anti point for it.  You got to believe something with your own framed reasons using your own conscience which few in your company may accept, but when you think freely you start considering opinion opposite to one you had, all you have to do is to think like.  Life is basically based on a lot of assumptions and you do work based on your feelings which roots from your basic assumptions.

We complain that we get distracted, intoxicated and addicted  to/by certain activites, phenonmenons, people etc etc etc.  It is simply because somewhere  we had wanted to…
You know what, all I can say is that you may or may not try to understand the LIFE phenonmenon but sometimes just let it be as it is, because situations are completely unknown to deal with.  I never get it sometimes…..You may have to grasp things firmly otherwise they may slip off,  but yes contrary; you just can`t grasp the sand or water, no matter how hard you try, because may be…………… they are not meant to be.. 😐

Still, since I have never ended up with any conclusion so  I try to act like as these things doestn`t matter to me….sort of escapism, but yes, its what I do, leaving these things for NOW, because may be I got to understand these things, some-day afterwards.
We usually learn one or other thing from our experiences, though I haven’t achieved any milestone but still I have developed a firm faith in quite a few things by experiencing them

Just do WHAT SO EVER YOU LOVE.  You don`t feel like doing something LEAVE IT, ryt now, no more jiffies should be wasted.

Work for self satisfaction not for the sake of others, show others a middle finger!

You are not “THE ONE” …accept it!!!…even iff your name is NEO.

Be Satisfied.! If I am not satisfied now, then I wont EVER be.

Its actually how you make up your life, we HUMANS, can actually adapt ANYTHING, all it takes is TIME.

Your success may get postponed a bit, but never loose patience, bcz. atleast you haven`t failed yet man, and ask me, I would say, that You will never fail  🙂

And I would like to add my favourite quotation by my IDOL Michael Jordan when he said “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

  1. saurabh AGGARWAL

    nice refrences u made there (a bit nerd types but u made the point)………..u have the art of speaking ur mind ,i dont ( a bit jealous) ….with tym it will get better keep it up :).

  2. Three Suggestions:
    Don’t use SMS language. Nothing is more irritating than to see the beauty of the language distorted.
    Generally, Bracketed phrases are meant to make the article more interactive, but this is not always the case, They may end up spoiling the flow of the sentences,
    Read Bertrand Russell.
    In a world of information era, factual error should not even be the last to be committed. Connecting the Dotes is not written by Steve Jobs but by Rashmi Bansal.
    Too many(I repeat, too many) grammatical errors.
    Really liked the idea of the article but not the way it is put. I am referring to the writing style.

    • @anurag kundu:
      Thanks for your truthful suggestions bro, I appreciate your honesty. Atleast you didn`t said blindly that it is good.
      Connecting the “dots” (not dotes.. 🙂 )is indeed written by Rashmi Bansal but I am specifically talking of the incident when Jobs enlightened it. I actually framed the sentence as when Jobs said, I didn`t said about the source point of connecting the dots.
      I know grammatical error are there, and I do really try to minimise them but still they occur. I will definitely be trying to minimise them .. Ughh!!

  3. +1 ladke! It’s good to see that something is going here. Avoid sms language….and ya punctuation bhi dekh ke thoda 🙂 And keep it up!

  4. ohh!! thanks a lot sir..will definitely try to avoid sms language.. Ughh,,!!
    it feels good that you give a read to my blog 🙂

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