This blog is all about Linux specifically Embedded Linux part and the Embedded Systems…

Authors:: Shantanu & Beyond

We both share a common interest, So thought of making a blog and posting it over..
We try to make the concepts of Embedded systems and Embedded Linux  as easy as we can.. And promote its use as much as..

We both are in Delhi College Of Engg. (DELHI, INDIA) doing Graduation in Electronics & Communication Branch..

Catch us at Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/saurabh.shandilya   –     09910118292      (BEYOND)  saurabhshandilya.1991@gmail.com

Beyond, a fun loving guy, highly talkative, a little techy, likes Embedded so much, actually likes a lot of things.  Linux and Electronics are HOBBYst work.  Considers himself as a Hardware Guy, So I always stuck with Assembly and C only.  OOP sucks for me!! Never tried up.
Likes everything to do FROM THE SCRATCH by own.  Feel good with 8bit embedded systems and trying up with 32bit.

Subjects of Intersts: Processor Architecture(x86 & ARM), Low level Hardware interfacing, Computer Networks and Passionate for Reverse Engineering(Hardware) and designing Game Consoles.

https://www.facebook.com/shaantanurocks      –     08010235848      shantanu.785@gmail.com

Any suggestions and complaints are most welcome!!!!


  1. hey superb blog…….am working with 8 bit processors(Atmega) but have no idea how to work with linux and 32 bits processor.It seems that linux is must for these.
    So how to get start with linux? want your suggestion

  2. @saikat Nandy: its not the case that “linux is must for these”.. It is just a higher level abstraction of what we do at 8 bit. I would highly suggest you to continue first with AtMega to reach a level of comfortability i.e. do every other thing like that of SPI/I2C/PWM etc. etc. and side by side start learning C iff you code in Assembly.
    Make out some really cool projects with AtMega controllers, if possible unleash the power of AtMega 128 bcz there is RTOS porting for it too..
    Side by Side, learn linux …its really easy..
    To get started
    1.install linux on virtual box or ur pc/laptop..
    2.Have “a” book (hardcopy) to sit alongwith and do complete that single book only first.

    Do, ask for any other things or confusions… 🙂

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