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PyQt4: Getting into action

After a short tutorial, let’s make a “Serial Data Reader application”.
PROBLEM STATEMENT: The data has to be read from the serial port and to be displayed to a text box in the form.

SOLUTION: The first step of every solution is to make the Flow-Chart. The flow chart for this problem will be like this.


The first step is to open the serial port. This will use pyserial package which has to be imported to the script using this line. ūüėõ
import serial

However if the package is missing then it can be downloaded from the Read the rest of this entry


Serial Port Interfacing In Qt

Well, for an embedded system guy, serial port is one of the most popular way to make your PC communicate with a target board, be it SBC or some serial based automation sort of work. Now, challenge is to use your own serial terminal software ūüėõ Well that’s the least what can be expected from a Qt Application developer.

Gui for the application

So this post is all about building an application which opens a serial port, and communicate with it.  Read the rest of this entry

Serial Ports problem for Embedded guys in PC and laptops!!

So, its all about SERIAL PORT! and its problems for the Embedded guys.  All the stuff we come across usually have a serial port to interface or a USB port.  Older ones are usually having the Serial port to interact with as it is heavily cheap, a max232 and a few capacitors generally makes the work done under 20Rs. and voila! you are communicating serially!!!

Its really simple making the serial connections with any micro-controller 8051/AVR or PIC with such a cheap price. ¬†Another thing “Arduino”, the open source hardware BOSS for 8 bit controllers has a USB support for it.

FTDI232 is the one which helps in interfacing the serial and USB in a real simple manner!!   Every other USB supported board uses it now, I guess.??

The modules in market like that of GSM/GPRS, RFID, GPS, Fingerprint scanner, Gyrosensor and a few other are easy to interface with serial connection as they send data over the serial line.  So, serial communication becomes quite important  to rely upon.

Most of the old motherboards gives the serial port as connector at the back(DB9).  The new ones don`t  provide the connector but a few do provide the connectors at the motherboard, You may click out some wires from the motherboard itself(another cheap way iff you got lucky to have the pin connectors ).

So, what to do if you got the new motherboard and FORTUNATELY ¬†no serial port to work with. ¬†(poor guy…)

You have got two options hereby,

  • purchase a usb to serial converter.
  • purchase a pci serial/parallel card.

Usb to serial Converter works easily i.e. OUT OF THE BOX; if you have got linux otherwise go and have fight with WINDOWS drivers :(…(lolz..) . ¬†Do care while¬†searching¬†for the 64 bit drivers with Windows…(windows really SUCK..)

The second options is quite stable and reliable for PC case, and it gets into the CPU cabinet itself and you get a feel as if you have got a Serial/Parallel port. Read the rest of this entry

Access Internet with 8/16 bit controllers…

Woah, Its been days, since my last post!  Actually I was busy out doing nothing..:)
You may declare me as the most LAZY guy ever!!

So, this time I actually come up with an idea to share upon, that is  how to have internet access on my 8 or 16 bit Embedded controllers.  A random thought gives me ideas like WiFi, USB dongle,  Ethernet, or a modem!!

Thats it!! I can`t ¬†get some other ways(currently). ¬†You are getting??,…Please do tell me over the comment box!!.

So I have my micro controller like that of 8051/AVR or PIC either of them.  Its actually not a problem at all, the concept remains same for all of them.  Ohh I forget the exceptional one our Open Source player Arduino!! yeah, for this the rules are quite different for different hardware(one may use shields with it).

Adding wifi/usb dongle support to 8-bit devices is like doing Insane work! (at least for me…lolz). ¬†Also, making it work over ethernet ia also a mess because you will have to interface ethernet driver also and then write the ¬†protocol!!!!!!!!!
I can`t! So, the only thing remained with me was GSM/GPRS modem.

Making the internet work out of it was really a bad experience for me for the first time.  Literally, It took me almost 3 days at my second try for such a simple work!!!!

I would really like to thank GsmMan at EDABOARD and  my friend Avik Dhupar for helping me in this. Read the rest of this entry

Fun with RFID!

RFID stands for¬†Radio-Frequency IDentification. It actually refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small strange chip and an antenna. The chip is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less(as what I have read from somewhere…lolzz).

The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a bar code or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.

So, that was the introduction with the RFID.  My RFID device is from MAC-NET technologies and it works on 125KHz.

Actually whenever I am demotivated, I use to shout saying anything that makes me feel better, or play any Rock song!

Recently I developed a habit of shouting MANNN, YOU ARE JUST AWESOME, so everytime I do anything good or demotivated ; I scream it. It is actually a LOL sort of activity…:) Read the rest of this entry