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LIDAR interfacing in ROS!

Hey guys! Its been time since the last post.  I have been busy in some studies and other projects.  But yeah I have got another cool project this time and it is related to Robotics!

Yeah, Robotics, this is the first time I am starting with robotics.  Trying to make out a Turtle bot thing.

Collecting the material and resources for such autonomous body(I am inserting a few of my things), I got a LIDAR,  the lidar is hokoyu URG04lx.  The lidar is working on a lot of data and the processing is also very fast.  The inbuilt controller in the lidar actually takes care of the laser thing and finally gives us the distance via serial communication.  The Serial port is hidden as the Lidar is made USB compatible with a driver in there lidar itself.  So it becomes a direct USB plug n play thing.

In linux, the device may appear as /dev/ACM0 or something. Read the rest of this entry


h@ck your Xbox Controller

All the blog data for some of the posts have been moved to my other site.  Will continue here after their backup 🙂