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GUI: Plug n Play Duino

The main idea behind the “Plug n Play Duino” model was the ease of implementation of algorithms of line following, edge avoiding and all such sort of works… or “To make it a toy”(in english :P)

As Saurabh gave a detailed list of features of this board here,…a-new-approach/

We built a GUI for this board, which makes it a child play, when it comes to line following.


Line Followe GUI
Line Followe GUI

Well As you can see, the GUI allows you to : Read the rest of this entry


Qt: Introduction

Hii friends, this time i am going to share my little knowledge about Qt… i.e.. what is Qt, why it is used, and (obviously) how it is used 😛 Later on, in the successive blogs, I will show how to write applications in Qt.

Qt is basically a cross-platform c++ based application framework. Cross-


platform means that the code you write on one platform (ex. Linux) can get compiled easily on another platform (ex. Linux). Qt is mainly used for designing GUI (graphical user interface ) applications and some non-GUI application like console for servers. Qt finds its application in VLC media player, AutoDesk Maya, Fedora(KDE framework), Mathematica, OPERA MINI (upto version 10.0). The companies using Qt comprises of NOKIA, Samsung, Google (google server consoles), Research In Motion etc. Read the rest of this entry