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Which to purchase Beagle-Bone or Board?

The following is just a inspection of mine.  Neither I am biased to any one of the product   nor I have got a Job at TI R&D or sales department. 🙂

Ughh, I was sort of disappointed after quite a time purchasing the Beaglebone.   The reason being that due to the “enthusiasm” and rapidness I purchased without giving much of a thought.  The reason being the cost and the services in return.  Considering the little costlier  opponent Beagleboard, I found beaglebone at pretty MUCH the same rate!

The market rate in India of beaglebone is Rs.6,660 approx. while that of Beagleboard-Xm is Rs.10,980.  At first there seem to be a lot difference in the prices i.e. of Rs.4380.!! Read the rest of this entry