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Which to purchase Beagle-Bone or Board?

The following is just a inspection of mine.  Neither I am biased to any one of the product   nor I have got a Job at TI R&D or sales department. 🙂

Ughh, I was sort of disappointed after quite a time purchasing the Beaglebone.   The reason being that due to the “enthusiasm” and rapidness I purchased without giving much of a thought.  The reason being the cost and the services in return.  Considering the little costlier  opponent Beagleboard, I found beaglebone at pretty MUCH the same rate!

The market rate in India of beaglebone is Rs.6,660 approx. while that of Beagleboard-Xm is Rs.10,980.  At first there seem to be a lot difference in the prices i.e. of Rs.4380.!! Read the rest of this entry

Android ICS 4.0.3 on Bealeboard

Its pretty expensive otherwise I may definitely had already put it in my NEW car 🙂 🙂  and used it for various purposes.
Yes, I am talking for the Beagle-board/bone.  Its indeed a great thing, and this particular post is just showing the Android ICS 4.0.3 running over my beagleboard-XM.

I will say Android is defintely a end-user product.  I didn`t find any of the system utilities in the distro provided by the Texas Instruments.  Guess, I have to statically recompile the filesystem and kernel again to add support for some of the utilities. 😦

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Learning, mini2440 & Beaglebone !

The (this *) section is dedicated to the introduction to  Single Board Computers and these are my Mini2440 and Beaglebone.
–>So, lets first talk about Mini2440..

As the manufacturer says, 

FriendlyARM Mini 2440 SBC is a Single-Board Computer with 400 MHz Samsung S3C2440 ARM9 processor. The board measures 100 x 100 mm, ideal for learning about ARM9 systems..

So, actually I would recommend this particular Single Board Computer because of its several qualities that are not present in competitive boards for its PRICE(price being the main feature)! Read the rest of this entry