Which to purchase Beagle-Bone or Board?

The following is just a inspection of mine.  Neither I am biased to any one of the product   nor I have got a Job at TI R&D or sales department. 🙂

Ughh, I was sort of disappointed after quite a time purchasing the Beaglebone.   The reason being that due to the “enthusiasm” and rapidness I purchased without giving much of a thought.  The reason being the cost and the services in return.  Considering the little costlier  opponent Beagleboard, I found beaglebone at pretty MUCH the same rate!

The market rate in India of beaglebone is Rs.6,660 approx. while that of Beagleboard-Xm is Rs.10,980.  At first there seem to be a lot difference in the prices i.e. of Rs.4380.!!

Now coming to the points:

1.Both are having ARM cortex-A8 and an Ethernet port but no NAND flash!!!.
Board-XM has got 1GHz clock whereas Bone has got 500MHz when powered from USB and 720MHz when powered externally.

2.Bone has got  1-port USB 2.0 host whereas Board has got On-board four-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub!!

3.Bone has no DVI-D (digital computer monitors and HDTVs) port!! wheras Beagleboard has got one DVI-D and also a S-video port to play around!
The Bone is supported by a DVI-D “cape” for extension to HDMI port which cost Rs. 3500 approx.!!!!!!!
Now just add the cost of Bone plus  the cape for HDMI, if you want to see any display!!
Now, Your cost is around Rs. 10100

4.Bone has got no audio input line wheras Board has got a seperate audio-in line port.

5.Bone has surely got a greater number of multi-functioningGPIOs  to attract hardware hackers (thats why even I purchased it) wheras Board has got a lesser number of GPIOs.

6. If anyone purchases such a board, I am sure that he/she might not have purchased such a thing for the purpose of blinking up a led!! For the most obvious reasons, such systems are supposed to run some DSP related stuff and heavier management and realtime tasks (huge pieces of Code).  So consider the case of Camera, again there is nothing for a “direct “camera support  in Beaglebone.  We can use the USB camera but that gives lesser speed that then we are thinking of doing some Image Processing!!! Ughhhh, pointless !! Moreover the Usb option is also present incase of Beagleboard!

But for good camera support there is a seperate header in Beagleboard with direct interfacing to Processor giving us higher speed.  Leopard camera are thought be working best with the Beagleboard which comes at a price of around 75$ i.e.approx. Rs.4125.
Now for the Bone, there is a cape as usual, which cost around $88 U.S. , i.e. approx. Rs.4840.
Please do include the shipping charges in both the cases.
Board provides ‘HD capable’ TMS320C64x core (800 MHz up to 720p @30 fps!!!

7.Jtag support is also straight forward in case of Beagleboard whereas in Bone Jtag support is a mess around to get the pins out of  2*46 headers!!

8.Board-Xm is having 512MB of RAM wheras Bone is having 256MB of RAM.

Beageboard is itself a complete product whereas Bone is made to give you further extensions as developments the moement they are possible; which obviously comes at a higher price.  Currently there are many a capes available like that of Temperature, LCD, CAN bus etc.

For the hobbysts, I would like to vote up for the beagleboard with a leopard camera for image processing.  Indeed its a one time money investment, but can keep you busy for months!!

Still,  its upto you which you going to purchase!!

##Any counter comments are heavily welcome

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an electronics hobbyst, 8 bit microcontroller(8051/AVR/Arduino) programmer, Linux lover, in love with Embedded Linux systems ... TGL: just push it "BEYOND THE LIMITS"..

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  1. Nothing like counter just curious why not Raspberripi ? i am about to buy one but i am confused like it says 25 $ but direct conversion to INR is just double the price , what is wrong is it the import duty in India 100% , have you observed this kind of variance in other imported products too ?

  2. Indeed sir, I got my raspberry Pi at Rs.2340. For my case it was 26 euro I guess, and including the shipping it reached to Rs. 2340. Import duty varies from products from countries. Importing from U.S. and Australia (different countries) gonna make different shipping and taxes.

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