Hpdv6 laptops with Linux : solution with Mageia

Finally, my laptop is USABLE and worth of it…
My HP dv6 laptop with specs as:

  •  Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM  2.3 GHz

  • 6gb RAM(4+2)

  • 640 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)

  • 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0

  • 4 x Beats Audio™ Internal speakers; Beats Audio™ Audio playback; HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer

Yeah, I said finally my laptop is usable because the day I went to purchase  my laptop, I went with an intention to purchase a dos based laptop.  But ALAS! there was no such dos based laptops with a satisfactory configuration so I HAVE TO accept and buy windows laptop.  It has windows 7 home Premium pre-installed..

->After Coming to Home, without wasting any time, I inserted the Fedora 16 dvd in order to install it.  But just after the initial startup it got hang!!!!
->I thought it as a problem with the Fedora DVD, so repeated the procedure several times but still the same problem!  Then I used my Fedora 15 DVD, again the same problem, Installer(Anaconda) got hang at some or other point, no movement via mouse, no effect of the NUM LOCK led.
So everytime I have to forcefully turnoff my laptop!
->Within a week, I tried Ubuntu 10.x and  ubuntu 11.x but still no result.  Ubuntu installer was also getting hang at some or other point.
->Then I tried with Backtrack-4, after the early startup it showed the Terminal!! I was very much happy..(SIGH)..
but when I issued STARTX it displayed an error of  no screen found…:(

After a lot of trials, I was not able to setup the X server,  all because of the Hybrid Graphics, I guess.  Most modern laptops use hybrid graphics technique.  This laptop too has got two graphics card one on the board – Intel Hd, and the other is of Nvidia GT 630m, so there is always a conflict configuring them for noobs like me..:-/
Guess, I am still not a good linux adminstrator.:(

->So, I tried with Red Hat Linux, yeah that got easily installed and no problem with the X server!! but its not that I feel comfo   with..
->Meanwhile, I  finally gt my Slackware dvd back from one of my friend.  The very next moment I started to install Slackware and finally settled with it!

But still, neither of the audio, bluetooth, wifi drivers were working!! I tried a lot and was finally able to run the audio drivers but bluetooth and wifi were a real mess!!

I was really not comfortable with my laptop;  without wifi, bluetooth and audio drivers working how can one be happy with a laptop!!
I was going through my mailbox, all of a sudden I got a mail from linuxquestions.org annoucing the release of Mageia 2.

Being a linux lover, I was just not able to resist myself from downloading the Mageia distro.  I first downloaded the live CD, and tried it with my laptop and voila!! it worked perfectly..I mean the audio and the bluetooth both were working.!!!(Though, I forget to check for the wifi)
Very next moment, I downloaded the full dvd distribution of Mageia2 and started installing in my laptop..
Installer was such a easy going process, I mean really easy..any linux noob can go for it..It don`t ask for the Packages during the install time.  You get a choice for the desktop i.e. KDE or gnome(Am a KDE fan, so no point for gnome).

After the installation, you can simply use the package manager (GUI based) and install the required packages (select from the list) from the DVD.
Now the only point is of the wifi drivers.  It was still not working!!


Inspecting it resulted that I have no modules installed as it is not provided with the mageia repos. (Fedora and Ubuntu repos provide them!!!)

So, one has to manually download the drivers and compile the module(obviously the simplest & awesome way! but it sometime sucks!).    I download from here:  http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php/

As usual, going through the README(ultimate guide for anything) explained it all.  No need to ask anything on forums and mailing lists.
As per me, I can say it as for these easy steps:

  • Compile the module and generate the wl.ko

  • Insert the module in proper way, i.e. modprobe cfg80211 module then lib80211 then insmod the wl module just compiled.

  • Removing the unnecessary ones..(consult the README) i.e. ssb,b43,bcma

And daa! you get your wifi working too!!


If you get error like this while building the module(this is the error which I got and obviously, this has to be the one which is not explained in README…..lolz)

BUILD_NOPEDANTIC=1 make -C /lib/modules/<kernel>/build M=`pwd`
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-x.x.x-xx-rc1-generic’
LD /home/beyond/Downloads/wl/built-in.o
CC [M] /home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/shared/linux_osl.o
CC [M] /home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/wl/sys/wl_linux.o
/home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/wl/sys/wl_linux.c:326:2: error: unknown field ‘ndo_set_multicast_list’ specified in initializer
/home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/wl/sys/wl_linux.c:326:2: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
/home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/wl/sys/wl_linux.c:326:2: warning: (near initialization for ‘wl_netdev_ops.ndo_validate_addr’) [enabled by default]
make[2]: *** [/home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl/src/wl/sys/wl_linux.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [_module_/home/bcurtis/Downloads/wl] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-030200rc1-generic’
make: *** [all] Error 2

I was so much fed up with this error, the linux kernel headers and other required tools, all were set right.  So what was the point??

After a half day search on internet, I finally got to know that the file is having a bug..

So you need to give this file a patch ::  DOWNLOAD THE PATCH

simply patch the file like this;

$patch -p0 src/wl/sys/wl_linux.c < bc_wl_abiupdate.patch

and now compile the module again and get it working!!!

Finally, I was with ease using my laptop with Mageia installed.  Worked like a charm for me!

About Beyond

an electronics hobbyst, 8 bit microcontroller(8051/AVR/Arduino) programmer, Linux lover, in love with Embedded Linux systems ... TGL: just push it "BEYOND THE LIMITS"..

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