say hello to Embedded Linux!!

So, you are here thinking what is EMBEDDED LINUX…hmmm…..

 Guess, You might have heard its name but never actually got it….What is its use?? Where to use?? Why to use?? bla bla bla…(the whole WH-family of questions)  and then at last HOW TO USE IT??

Starting with the introduction part, Embedded Linux as the WIKI says, “Embedded Linux is the use of Linux in embedded computer systems such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, media players, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics devices, networking equipment, machine control, industrial automation, navigation equipment and medical instruments.“

So,  Embedded Linux is the usage of the Linux kernel and various open-source components in embedded systems

For the beginners, telling all the Techy stuff  won`t actually matter, and is useless.. It will simply add up to the complexities…

As what I think, the advantages and Disadvantages should be explored out by oneself after trying it out..!!!!(so, I am not specifying them)…Alongwith the series in my blog, we will discover the Pros and Cons…

 The only point of digging into the Embedded linux is that you should have a reason for yourself.                                                                                                       I mean just have any reason otherwise you won`t learn it..Mostly people who are into all this are Techy, curious about embedded systems, Geeks, and so on….

Why Embedded Linux?

  • Embedded Linux is vendor independent ( or has no vendor at all)

  • Less time to market

  • Wide hardware support

  • Low cost of acquisition as development uses open source tools

  • Open source systems and community

  • Soft and hard real time capabilities

  • Robust MMU based memory management for embedded applications

  • Excellent throughput

  • Security

  • High performance networking

  • Expertise in Linux platforms is widely available

What actually is Embedded Linux for a completely noob guy,??

Ummm, its actually all your high-end electronics gadgets and media, ex- starting from an I-pod, Mobile Phones, Setup boxes, Routers, ATM machines……………………upto the Real time Systems and aerospace devices..

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About Beyond

an electronics hobbyst, 8 bit microcontroller(8051/AVR/Arduino) programmer, Linux lover, in love with Embedded Linux systems ... TGL: just push it "BEYOND THE LIMITS"..

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